Melby Street Style

Ever since I arrived in this crazy cool city, all I've been talking about is the "vibe". If you know me at all, vibe is usually how I determine how I feel about just about everything in my life, from people to clothes to cities to food, which really doesn't even make sense, but vibe is everything to me. Maybe it's the wannabe 60's child in me, but a good vibe is a good vibe. One of the biggest contributing factors to Melbs vibe is the style of EVERYONE in the city. I have seriously never been so surrounded by such individualistically driven fashion sense in my life. I've had pockets of it, especially working at Urban Outfitters where individuality rules all,  but seeing an entire culture so aesthetically driven is sick as. Here's some street style inspo to get where I'm going with this!
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What I've Been Wearing, Melbourne Edition

In my head I thought moving to Melbourne, AH YES, finally out of my small town, back to living in a city where it's socially acceptable to wear something other than jeans and a tee or basically living in winter layers. BUT small fact I kinda missed...I would have a full time job that has a uniform, and on my days off where I actually could be getting outfit roommate would be working. BUMMER. That being saiddddddd Melbourne has been a dream come true, four months in and I still walk around with a big ol'grin on my face and spend my days off wandering the city alone just exploring & taking hundreds of photos. I have grown up SO much, and grown in general so much, and I'm so excited for the adventures to come in the second half of this absolute dream of a year. Goes to show ya life really can be magical even while semi-adulting. I have a few outfits shots that I've thrown together in this post, but to be honest it's only been the last couple weeks I've been really getting back into my stride with outfits. I've realized I'm really not much of a summer style's much too hot, and a little dress is all I usually reach for. But now that it's fall here, and literally everyday is my ideal temperature for dressing I've started to get excited about my clothes again. That being said it has been SO LONG since I've shopped & all my $$$$$ dolla bills here are being saved for travel, so don't hate if items are being mixed and matched here people!!

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Cya Canada...

Exciting things have been happening the past few weeks ANDDD I've officially been living in Australia for a week! Leaving behind snowy Canada is not only exciting but the biggest breath of fresh air I've had in a very long time. This step has taken so much as, as much as I hate to admit it, I am completely and totally a creature of comfort. While this decision was initially made on a whim as a way to outrun a bad year, settling into my new life at home brought me so much happiness, really the most happiness I'd felt in a long time. So leaving the bubble of comfort, love and happiness started to seem like a bigger deal than it initially was...but luckily being a creature of comfort is only half of who I am. Luckily the other half of me is aware of how short life is, and how you need to live now, you can't just wait until you're ready because truly that time will never come. 
Now that I'm here, there are no words. Not only am I in the most beautiful place in the world, but I have this massive, fresh blank slate that is just for me, to do with it what I please. WHICH IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST. Everyday I wake up & feel like I'm in a dream, and while things are already getting stressful looking for jobs and an apartment, I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world. So ya...pretty please with aus so far I'd have to say. There'll be tons of pictures to come I'm sure, so stick around. For now here are some pictures taken a few months back with my lovely & talented Becca Vey that I've been meaning to post forever! xx
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Sneak Peek....

A few weeks ago I shot some outfits with my sweet, incredibly talented friend Ms. Becca Vey. After knowing her forever, I was so excited we finally got to shoot some outfits for my tiny little corner of the internet & I am SO excited how they've all come out so far! Here's a little sneak peek of the pictures to come, but in the meantime check out my talented little babe Becca Vey Photography