Monday Blues

Mondays. Suck. I'm sorry if you're one of the crazy people in this world that love Monday's (which if you are, You Go Glen Coco, I wish I could say the same) but they really do! So I thought on this cold, icy Monday I'd share some beautiful tunes to round off your day prepared for a better day tomorrow :) I am by far no music guru but these are just the songs bringing me happiness trying to beat those good ol' Monday Blues. 

Fallen So Young- Declan Donovan (my heart has been melting to this song all day)

Carry You- The Native Sibling

Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac

Waves- Mr.Probz (too catchy to not include!)

Things Done Changed- Biggie Smalls

Leave a comment of your go to song to beat the Monday Blues!
Kristen xx

Glorious Golden Globes Gowns!

Hey guys! SO this is a bit late now but on Sunday January 11th was the 72nd annual Golden Globes and anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that awards show are a HUGE weakness of mine. Like most, I get a little snoozy during the speeches and awards regarding works that I have no idea were even released but when it comes to celebrities or movies/songs/albums/tv shows etc. etc... that I did adore, I get very excited! My favourite part of any award show is the dresses so I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you this year. The Golden Globes are known for elegant gowns and understated makeup looks and this year surely did not disappoint. I'm not even going to lie I had 14 looks on my list of favourites but I've managed to narrow it down to a quick five ultimate favs. Let me know in the comments what look you fell in love with from this years red carpet! 

1. Allison Williams

This Girls star BLEW me out of the water with her ruby red Armani Prive gown! Usually the layering on the gown is not something that would catch my attention but between the slight ombre shading and the stunning colour I was sold. Allison's hair was perfectly on trend with a faux bob and her makeup look was kept simply, other than some striking liner. LOVE this look!
2. Jennifer Lopez

Everyone knows that JLo is the ultimate goddess in anything she wears but this Zuhair Murad gown was seriously stunning. Not one to ever lack sex appeal the dress served up tons of cleavage with her signature plunging neckline. The cape style of this dress could have been a major hit or miss, but Jennifer pulled out a huge win for me with this one. This beaded gown also stayed with the current trend of a thigh high slit making sure everyone knew that JLo was rockin' it in every aspect.
3. Dakota Johnson 

I'm sure this joke has been made a million times by now but it sure would have been fitting if this 50 Shades of Grey star wore a gray frock to the awards but she decided to instead trade it in for this sparkling silver number. The up and coming actress cemented her place as someone to watch for red carpets to come in this couture Chanel number. Taking a cue from the JLo the star had a thigh high center slit, but instead of going for a glowy look she offset her old Hollywood  shining glamour with minimalist hair and makeup. I sure do love a fresh face with a berry lip, love this look!
4. Emily Blunt 

I am a HUGE sucker for any look that is remotely Grecian & for Emily Blunt, so the combo happening here is making my heart race a bit ngl. I think there were other winners for the best dressed but the confidence and flow of this Grecian style Michael Kors dress suited Blunt perfectly and I was completely sold. Her updo and jewelry clearly stemmed from the same inspiration and pulled the look together effortlessly. Stunning! 
5. Sienna Miller 

FAVOURITE LOOK OF THE NIGHT. Miu Miu gown, Astley Clarke earrings, and Tiffany & Co jewelry. No need to go on, perfection in human form. 

Kristen xxx

What I Got for Christmas!

Happy New Year everyone! 2014 was a crazy year filled with a ton of changes and even more growing up. My 2015 resolution is to ACTUALLY become a blogger....not this silly little business of posting once every few months. Now that the Christmas holidays are over with and tomorrow it's back to reality for all of us uni students I decided to do a little post to wrap up the season showing you lot what I got for Christmas. My family decided to do secret santa this year as we're all growing up and really don't need as many presents. That being said, between my secret santa and boyfriend I still was extremely spoiled! I've divided the presents into categories so it's much easier to view everything!

Bits and bobs:

Here you can see this category is just a mixture of presents I've received! The print and Polaroid paper is from Urban Outfitters and the (perfect) tea pot is from David's Tea and is super ideal because it works with both loose leaf & bagged tea! I also received Ed Sheeran's X on vinyl, About Time on dvd (favourite film of the moment ahh), and Paper Towns because I could always do with reading another John Green novel. Finally, my dad picked me up that TINY little Spectech speaker that connects to Bluetooth and is not only super convenient but also surprising loud...I'll be busting that out for One Direction dance parties surely!
 Clothing and Accessories:

This next category is focusing on the few clothing pieces I received for Christmas, and of course little accessories. Obviously from the photo you can see there is a clear monochrome trend happening here which suits me just fine! My mom picked me up a few basics from Garage, an oversized knit pullover, a pair of black leggings (which all girls can never have too many of), a white bohemian style tee, and a pair of retro high waist black jeans! A friend also gave me this daisy headband, that I love, as it'll add a little bit of colour & summer to any outfit. Finally, with a gift card, I picked up some tights, a cute little black bow, and these sweet little "love" stud earrings that you can see in greater detail below!   


This is by far the biggest "splurge" present I received and I am over the moon with it! My mom got me this Burberry perfume set which comes with the actually gorgeous bottle of Burberry body, but also come with a travel sized bottle for my bag & a body milk, which is my newest go-to lotion. She also purchased another bottle of the body milk as she knows my love for moisturizing oops! The other bits were in my stocking which you can see is an Estee Lauder makeup remover, EOS Strawberry Sorbet balm, and a nude lip pencil.  
The Big Gift: 

My favourite gift was this necklace from my boyfriend and I have a feeling it might not be everyone's cup of tea but for me it is perfect. Not only do I love the colouring and shape of the gem, but the meaning behind it means everything to me. I am SO obsessed and in love with my dog Jasper, and since Dave knows this, he did some research and found out there is actually a gemstone called Jasper, which is what I received on this lovely silver chain. I will treasure this forever and is one of my favourite gifts ever!

Leave a comment letting me know what your favourite gift you received this holiday season was!
Lots of love, 
Kristen xxx