It Take Two...Or 3

Fall is in full swing and this year I decided to try something a little different. Instead of spending lots of money (that I don't have) on the trendiest pieces of this season, I've decided to select a few items and utilize each to their full potential. As a student this is not only a more realistic way to shop, but it's also forcing me to put a lot more thought into each purchase. SO, as that's the case I decided to do a mini series of three posts with this Zara Waistcoat, which I seriously had a Bridesmaids Fritz Bernaise moment with...'s the first look which is actually super casual for me but has quickly become somewhat of a uniform these past few weeks. This waistcoat has shown me true love really does exist in articles of clothing. 
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Four Eyes & The Shaggy Sweater

Hey guys! Just a quick little post from me today but I'm loving dressing for fall, it actually isn't getting cold fast enough which is so strange coming from me. I usually only wear my glasses when it is VERY necessary for clear vision...aka driving & school. Clearly I don't see the need for vision in everyday activities. Also, my hair is finally getting long again!! Very undecided if I'm going to go back to my usual nearly waist length hair or keep it at a more manageable shoulder length...first world problems eh? Anyways, here I'm wearing my fav Urban Outfitters shaggy mock neck sweater that I literally stalked online last year until it went on sale & was finally mine. 
 Okay, okay... I'm going to go because this was just a very random rant about absolutely nothing significant, hope everyone had a great Wednesday!   
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I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshineeeeee!

Random title, I know...but I look so damn happy in all of these pictures that I can only pretend Natasha Bedingfield's hit was setting the mood. This is my final summery post, the sun has officially left & the leaves have begun to change. Not that I'm complaining though, because autumn is my thannng. Well not my thang, because who says that really, but I seriously adore everything about these few beloved months. It's like as soon as the last week of September hits, a cool breeze takes it's cue and realizes it's finally time to shine. I've already begun with the excessive layering & it won't be long before I'm having trouble deciding if I should be burning one or two (or ten) pumpkin candles. But for now, let's just call this post my cheery send off to a spectacular summer.
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