Allllll of the little white tops

Hello!!! It's been forever & ever & ever and I'm so sorry for that but to be honest I just spent this summer putting myself back together. I know everyone goes through breakups, it's just a part of life... but no one really tells you how much it stays with you, changes you, shapes everything about you and how you see the world from there on forward. Not to drag down the tone of this blog or anything but  it really is relevant because the way I've been feeling and my life really has influenced how I've been dressing & to be honest I'm only just realizing how little thought I've given to my outfits WHICH IS TERRIBLE FOR ME. My very first post, my intro to this blog I guess you'd call it, I said I'm just not that everyday girl that wears Forever 21 crop tops...but right now, I totally am that girl. Which is fine, it's easy, comfy, relevant to my feelings towards clothes right now, but it's really not "fashionable" whatsoever. But I've realized this blog really isn't ever going to be a fashion blog, yes I may love fashion, but ya girl cannot afford those Gucci loafers as much as I wish I could. So this summer I've realized no matter what I'm wearing, whether it's Forever 21 crop tops or second hand suede skirts, I should capture it because this is a personal style blog & it should reflect what I'm personally wearing even if it really isn't that thrilling or original. So there's my little rant & now I'm going to proceed to show you my three favourite white little crop tops from this summer because well,
I guess I can.

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