this is my kaleidoscopic view

Who am I??

Hey guys, so this is me finally launching my baby! My name is Kristen and I'm an average 20 year old... so, so average really. The only thing that does separate me from my fellow average newly adult peers is my love for fashion. I'm a girl so I love clothes just as much as everyone does, but my love goes far beyond Forever 21 crop tops. It is what inspires me, excites me, and will hopefully be a major part of my future. For now let's just call this a plain old blog... because it'll be a little bit of me, a little bit of street style that inspires me and aches my heart, a little bit of everyday happiness and everything in between. Or why don't we just call it my kaleidoscopic view. 

Enjoy & I promise I'll get better at this!!
Kristen xoxo