Just a quick post today as there's nothing too exciting happening in my life these days, so this outfit completely reflects what I've been wearing lately. Lately I've been feeling really uninspired so I've fallen into a routine of easy shirts, dark jeans & my go-to white converse. Luckily in my heartbreak shopping spree I actually made wise shopping decisions & finally picked up a new pair of white chucks as mine had seen better days. Also, it's finally getting warmer here, and after living in the city for years I suddenly have so much more of an appreciation for living by the lake (even if it's only being used rn for the backdrop of my blog photos...) ANYWAYSSSS, that's all from me, have a good weekend!
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Back to Black

 These are some of my first pictures after winter/school/heartbreak hibernation and I know it might not come as a surprise to you but I AM VERY PALE. Like I know I'm usually pale but this is scary, blinding levels people. I think that fact that I'm wearing an all black outfit is really accentuating the paleness but I really wanted to shoot this outfit because it's so simple but really, really versatile! In my heartbreak shopping spree I finally invested in this Zara leather jacket (which I'm sure you'll be seeing in most posts now since it's my baby) and I'm so happy. Black leather jackets are such a staple piece to have in any wardrobe, and after debating this Urban jacket for way, way too long, I decided to be safe & invest in a more simple, classic motorcycle style. I paired it with this Urban ribbed tank dress, that has a sheer overlay that creates a midi length and a pair of Urban obviously chunky heeled sandals, which I cannot find on the website as I bought them for $9.99 & they are the comfiest things in the world. Like walking on a cloud that just so happens to make you about 3 inches taller kinda comfy that is. I'm also wearing these dark green sunnies from Urban, that are my perfect shape & the colour is a good way to add a pop of colour that I am so desperately lacking most of the time. Anyways, that's all from me! 
*ps...ignore the weird orbs in my last few pictures (SPOOKY)...or something was just on my lens oops!*
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90's Qween

You know how they say that life can change in the blink of an eye, well I don't really think I fully understood that until a little over a month ago. It's like one thing happens and suddenly the way you view the world & the way you feel about the world shifts in the most dramatic manner. That's exactly what happened to me, and in between flipping my whole world upside down I also had to finish my last two weeks of my undergrad which is amazingly all finished!!! While the last month & a bit have been the hardest of my life (& therefore a big lull in posting on here SORRRRY), it also resulted in a bit of an ahemmm shopping spree, because really what is a greater cure for heartbreak than retail therapy. 
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