Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

About a week ago we received the most amout of snow in one day in 100 years.....YES ONE HUNDRED YEARS. Now I know climate change is upon us & extremely terrifying but over 50 centimetres in one day is literally making me question how we're not doing more about our environment. Like Leo has waited forever for an Oscar & even realized he should use his speech as a platform for a climate change wakeup call. That being said, Ottawa has not looked this beautiful in the winter in so long & there seriously is something magical about a massive snowfall. The next day we decided to go for a walk to absorb some of the winter wonderland atmosphere & we decided to snap some quick pictures. This is also a sneak peak into my usual everyday look in the winter which consists of turtlenecks, black jeans & my wellies (as a way to avoid the clunky winter boots that is). Boring of course, but functional & warm which is pretty much the only way one can survive a Canadian winter... 
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Urban Outfitters Shopping Bag

Working at Urban Outfitters means that I am constantly surrounded by the most beautiful clothes, which means I am always resisting the temptation to buy everything I see. It's hard to not be addicted to shopping at Urban because they not only have classic pieces that you need in your wardrobe, but also have the best on trend pieces. SOOO I've decided that because I am always lurking the website, and eyeing all the new arrivals in store, every once in a while I'll share on here what's currently sitting in my shopping bag. Keep in mind this is a condensed version of what I want....

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Now usually you know I'm a big sucker for award show fashion but nothing really stood out to me as amazing this year at the Grammy's. There was the classic amazing sparkly gowns & Ellie & Adele (& even James Bay) looked amazing but nothing that made me feel excited enough to write a post about. So instead I'm just going to leave you with this, because I guess that music is an important part of the Grammy's too???

The Belt

Ever since I saw Kendall Jenner rockin' this belt, like here, I've been obsessed with finding something similar on more of an ahem "student budget" aka closer to $20 not 200+ dollars. This proved to be more of a task than I had originally thought as apparently everyone was not picking up on the amazingness that is a two buckle belt. It wasn't just the double buckle that I was loving, though I loved that aspect of originality, it was also the tarnished, antique look of the buckle that was giving me major Western vibes. One day at work we received one & only one belt that gave me the same Western vibe & just so happened to fit me so I knew it was the one....until I find my double buckle belt that I've been longing for. Ever since I got it I've been working every outfit around it, and I feel like I'm really having a Kendall and Gigi inspired street style moment. Not as cool obviously because well I'm me & not a supermodel, but I feel like this belt just gets me one step closer to Monica Rose, their stylist, approved looks. I've also restarted watching Skins again, which if you've never seen please go to Netflix and prepare to binge, so I feel like that is where my all black look is coming from. The style on that show is such a random mixture of early 2000 trends, crazy colours, and best of all, grungy over-the-top like Effy. Therefore, currently this look would be paired with combat boots, not heels, but let's face, it salt stained combat boots are not going to photograph quite as nice as a pointy toed classic black heel.

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