Welcome to Whyte Ave.

The past two weeks have been super exciting as I finally went on a family trip, which has seriously not happened in a VERY long time! It was even more exciting because it was to the West Coast of Canada & discovering more of my own country is always the best. While staying in Edmonton we decided to hit up Whyte Ave, as it is well known as the trendy, hipster part of the city so clearly I wasn't going to be leaving without checking that out. The tree lined street is filled with everything from your most beloved big chain stores, whattttup Starbucks & Lush, but also has so many eclectic boutiques! While wandering dreamily with my ice coffee in one hand & my nephew holding onto the other we stumbled upon the sickest street mural.....which of course called for a quick little OOTD, oops! Keep checking back for more posts as the beautiful Rockies play a cheeky little feature in the background of some extremely touristy pictures. 

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