About Last Night: City & Colour Concert

Hey guys! So as a teenager my friends and I used to attend concerts ALLLL the time as Toronto is a huge hub for Canadian music & our parents were seriously the best, but now that I'm in uni and living in the capital concerts have quickly become few and far between. That is the saddest thing to me as I truly believe there is nothing that can make you feel more alive or excited than seeing your favourite band (or singer) and dancing and singing to the words you've been memorizing for years. Last night I got to return to my old favourite pastime and attend a City and Colour concert at the NAC downtown!!! First of all Dallas Green is a god and if you've never listening to him you're seriously missing out, but last night was on a whole. other. level. City and Colour is currently doing a solo, acoustic tour which means the entire show is just Dallas, a few guitars, and a whole lot of sarcastic remarks (oh and of course a stupid amount of talent). It was seriously, BY FAR, the most incredible music experience I have ever had. His voice is normally captivating, but hearing it within this amazing theater, while everyone is utterly silent, was seriously haunting. I wanted to cry the entire time because every word he sang, and every song brought up a memory from the years I'd been listening to them. He is also funny, which to quote the Holiday, "is like a bonus". But seriously I felt every emotion possible in the span of 2hours, and it was the most invigorated I have ever felt whilst sitting in pure silence. Dallas not only captivated the audience with his raw talent, but instantaneously created a memory that will stay with me forever. 

xx Kristen


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