90's Qween

You know how they say that life can change in the blink of an eye, well I don't really think I fully understood that until a little over a month ago. It's like one thing happens and suddenly the way you view the world & the way you feel about the world shifts in the most dramatic manner. That's exactly what happened to me, and in between flipping my whole world upside down I also had to finish my last two weeks of my undergrad which is amazingly all finished!!! While the last month & a bit have been the hardest of my life (& therefore a big lull in posting on here SORRRRY), it also resulted in a bit of an ahemmm shopping spree, because really what is a greater cure for heartbreak than retail therapy. 

Part of these big changes in my life involved leaving my beloved job @ Urban Outfitters & more importantly, my discount :(:( That means that in true Urban fashion, I decided the best way to deal with being sad is to dress like a 90's qweeeen. From the braids, to the dark lip, to the choker with a very mood ring-esk stone happening (see here), to the cropped apron top, to the kick flared jeans, I am truly giving my all in order to channel my inner Tai from Clueless duh...
The 90's were all about channelling girl power so why not let that decade reflect in my fashion choices in order to maybe, just maybe get me one step closer to being a Spice Girl and one step farther away from being heartbroken in the midst of boring ol' 2016.  


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