The World's Simplest (and quickest) Raspberry Smoothie

Now as you can all see in my About Me box I clearly LOVE junk food...I know, I know it's really bad but I legitimately have a huge lacking in that thing called self control. So as of lately I've been making the smallest effort to change my ways, and by small I mean this smoothie, a few veggies, and one sad little gym trip, but still effort nonetheless! I decided to share my simple little recipe for this Raspberry Smoothie for any of you unhealthy students who are constantly on the go and need a bit of a pick me up. It's SO easy & really was super yummy! PS...I'm not including any measurements because it's really up to you to decide how large you'd like to make it :)

World's Simplest Raspberry Smoothie:


Raspberries (duh)
Fruit Juice 
Vanilla Yogurt 


I basically just got all of my ingredients out, measured out how much yogurt I'd like as a base for the smoothie, added a handful of raspberries and about a cup of fruit juice & then finally kept adding ice until I got the smoothie texture I was looking for... (like I said easy peasy kids!)


Let me know if any of you try this super simple drink & enjoy your pink little piece of happiness!
                                                                   xx Kristen                     

Emma Watson Inspired Tanya Burr Hair Tutorial!

Hey loves!

I am by far the laziest lady when it comes to hairstyles, therefore letting my wavy hair blow free and crazy everyday... but every once in a while I'll become inspired and try something new out! This is what happened yesterday when one of my favourite YouTuber's posted an Emma Watson hair tutorial. Realistically any hair style that is going to make me look anything like Tanya or Emma would be a dream, am I right? Below I have posted a few pictures of my attempt & the video for you all to have a go at it!

xx Kristen