Green With Envy

I can honestly say that most green articles of clothing I see I am envious of. I think it has something to do with society (mostly my mother) constantly telling me that redheads were made to wear green. So now, long after my mother has had responsibility over my wardrobe, I still seem to be instantly drawn to greens of every shade. This particular little guy was found at a thrift store in Toronto with no branding on it, which is fine by me because I can pretending it's some extremely cool vintage find. Paired with a Britney Spears circa 1999 inspired top & my always trusty Urban Outfitters ankle boots I was ready to head out for the day even if looking like I had taken outfit inspiration from a confused leprechaun.
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Krissy's Camera Roll

Hey guys! If you're anything like me you're constantly snapping iPhone photos that fall into one of two categories, Instagram or sitting on your camera roll never to be seen by anyone unless if they're purposely searching for a funny picture from your past. Which makes me sad, because those are the photos that truly show what's happening in my life, not just my cute little outfit of the day or my favourite recent purchases. So, I've decided to do a weekly post of pictures from my phone whether it be a quick mirror selfie or vibrant flowers that I'm obsessing over, it'll just be a reflection of my life in the past week. Ideally these posts will be going up on Sunday's from now on, but here you go! A little sneak peak into my very random camera roll. 

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Roadtrip Weekend: NYC PART 2

Bonjour, bonjour this is Part 2 of my extremely quick trip to NYC for the weekend! As we were only visiting for two days, it was imperative that we see as much as humanly possible so that is what we set out to do. Day one was a huge success as we saw everything from Central Park, to the MET, to Grand Central & Times Square, while also getting to explore the Upper East Side. By getting a lot of the *must-see* tourist attractions out of the way on the first day we were able to do a lot more exploring of the neighbourhoods on our second day, which is truly my favourite part of visiting new places. While strolling through the neighbourhoods & streets of brownstones I was dreaming of my life as Carrie Bradshaw & decidedly determining that at some point living that life in NYC needs to be in my playbook. But for now, I'll just continue to pretend to model on the steps of other people's homes :))
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Roadtrip Weekend: NYC PART 1

This is a VERY exciting post for me to finally be putting up because I am more than excited to share with you my first ever trip to NYC & the most spontaneous trip of my life really. Why was this trip so very spontaneous you may ask??? Well it came up from the unfortunate realization that both my bf & I had booked off the wrong weekend for a festival that I had gotten tickets for in October........yes trust me I KNOW, how does that happen!?!? Luckily being the quick little thinkers we are we decided to not dwell on our stupidity & instead sell those pricey little pieces of paper for a glorious weekend road trip to the Big Apple. Lola the Corolla, our car duh, was more than ready for her first big road trip & fully stocked with the most amount of snacks we set off for a hefty 9hr drive & a whirlwind weekend in the concrete jungle*! 
*where dream are madeeeeee of, there's nothing you can't doooooooo, now you're in New Yorkkkkkkk
**hey don't lie, you know you were all singing that in your head too 
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Kim Kardashian Inspired OOTD

Now let's get one will ever look as good as Kim Kardashian & trying to measure up to her is just an instantly failed attempt. Since I will never have her body (as much as I wish) I instead take inspiration from her recent favourite trend of a two piece outfit consisting of a crop top & a very form fitting pencil skirt. The woman is insanely beautiful but also, with the help of Kanye I'm assuming, has reinvented a staple piece which was only previously seen in business meetings & formal events. Through her style she has made pencil skirts not only okay for casual errands but also for high fashion events. Suddenly because of Kim K this piece has quickly become any wardrobe's most transitional item, and not to mention has given the crop top new life, no longer just for 15 year old girls! So therefore I had a little bit of a Kim K moment today, minus the booty & boobs & other signature curves, but nonetheless a girl can dream.
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Roadtrippin' the Rockies

Nothing screams summer more than a good ol' fashioned road trip, even if this particular one wasn't that old fashioned as it was in a massive SUV blasting A/C...but anyways that's beside the point. The point is there was no way that I was going to Alberta without seeing the Rockies & the best way to see that is by driving through the Icefield Parkway as you not only get to experience Banff but also get to trek all the way to Jasper. We even made a cheeky overnight stop in Calgary, making Alberta pretty much conquered after this trip. This post is more of a little looksie into the most beautiful place I've ever seen in Canada than an outfit post but I think you'll like it all the same. Anyone coming to Canada should do this drive, it is honestly the most breathtaking experience & pictures will truly never do it justice. Roadtrippin' the Rockies is always a good idea!
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