Models of the Moment

So maybe the emergence of the term "supermodel" was at its height in the 90's but models are getting right back into the heart of the media, and not just on the runway. I've never been too much of a follower of runway but because of the social media that surrounds these lovely ladies I can't help but be in awe of them walking the Chanel plank or in their Burberry dress at the MET... hint hint. Here's my favourites at the moment, I'm sure you already know who's comin your way!

Cara Delevingne 

THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE.... seriously who doesn't know who Cara is? She is Queen B right now.... well other than Beyonce but shhh. Between her relationship with Karl that every human on this earth is jealous of, or her best friendship with the next two top models coming up on this list she is everywhere! PLUS damn girl look at those eye brows. She's young, she's exciting (and excitable) and she's definitely here to stay.

Georgia May Jagger

I'm sorry but this girl is ALL about rocking the blonde boomshell with a twist. The twist is clearly her teeth but she rocks it like no other. I mean..come on.... I had a gap like that when I was a preteen and it was way more on the hideous side and no where near fashionable. The name of course makes you think of fame and greatness but there is no chance she's staying in Mick Jagger's shadow. All of her features are so complimentary to any colour pallette but I'm weak in the knees at the photo above of her strutting in full oatmeal in the pre-fall Chanel 2014 show. Ugh this girl is no Rolling Stones but she sure knows how to "start me up"... on a fashion rant that is! 

Suki Waterhouse 

OK SHE IS MY FAV.....I'm totally playing favourites on my girl crush of the moment. I just have to say that Bradley Cooper is one lucky man that's for sure. Suki is not only best friends with Cara and Georgia but also is one of the world's fastest rising fashion stars. She is extremely memorable not only for her original name but her features that transport us back to the slow moving, tranquil hippy days in a 70's-esque fashion... not that I was there but a girl can dream right? But truly I'm in love....keep an eye out for this British beauty in the upcoming Burberry collection!