The World's Simplest (and quickest) Raspberry Smoothie

Now as you can all see in my About Me box I clearly LOVE junk food...I know, I know it's really bad but I legitimately have a huge lacking in that thing called self control. So as of lately I've been making the smallest effort to change my ways, and by small I mean this smoothie, a few veggies, and one sad little gym trip, but still effort nonetheless! I decided to share my simple little recipe for this Raspberry Smoothie for any of you unhealthy students who are constantly on the go and need a bit of a pick me up. It's SO easy & really was super yummy! PS...I'm not including any measurements because it's really up to you to decide how large you'd like to make it :)

World's Simplest Raspberry Smoothie:


Raspberries (duh)
Fruit Juice 
Vanilla Yogurt 


I basically just got all of my ingredients out, measured out how much yogurt I'd like as a base for the smoothie, added a handful of raspberries and about a cup of fruit juice & then finally kept adding ice until I got the smoothie texture I was looking for... (like I said easy peasy kids!)


Let me know if any of you try this super simple drink & enjoy your pink little piece of happiness!
                                                                   xx Kristen                     


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