Coachella Crazy.

Unless if you're living under some sort of rock, which honestly many students very well may be as it's exam season, you'll know that this upcoming weekend is Coachella! If you know anything about Coachella you'll know it is by far the coolest, star studded, fashion based festival of the year. It takes place deep in Inland Empire's Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert & always has the most spectacular lineup. As a poor little uni student a plane ticket to Cali & the $375 festival pass is just a tad out of my budget so until it becomes a bit more of a reality I'll just sit on my Macbook and drool over the fashion. You know how everyone has an era that they dream of living in just for the fashion? No, just me? I dream constantly of the 70's. Everything from flower crowns to flared jeans to bell sleeves... obsessed. So when festival season rolls around and everyone embraces their inner bohemian goddess I have to say I go a little crazy! Below I've posted a few of my favourite celebrity Coachella outfits from festivals past & also a few essentials for the 2015 version that we'll all be watching for!    

Let me know if you'll be attending any festivals this summer & who inspires your festival fashion!
Kristen xx


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