OOTD, Styling Dark Florals

Working at Urban Outfitters means I never have to put on a terrible unflattering uniform but it does mean that I constantly have to be thinking of new comfy & creative outfits to wear while working. Luckily Urban is extremely accepting of individual style, so I get to constantly switch up what look I am going for that day. On this particular day it was a bit chilly out but I wanted to keep the spring/summer vibe alive with a cute floral. That being said I stuck with an all black ensemble of a black tank & high waisted Garage jeans. I wanted to keep with the style of the dark floral & let that be the main focal piece of the outfit. Funny enough this Urban Outfitters floral piece used to be a dress but after some unfortunate washing incidents it has become just a wee bit too short so I decided to unbutton it & style it as a cardigan. I then threw on my FAV Urban Outfitters tan chunky heeled booties to finish the outfit off! 


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