Green With Envy

I can honestly say that most green articles of clothing I see I am envious of. I think it has something to do with society (mostly my mother) constantly telling me that redheads were made to wear green. So now, long after my mother has had responsibility over my wardrobe, I still seem to be instantly drawn to greens of every shade. This particular little guy was found at a thrift store in Toronto with no branding on it, which is fine by me because I can pretending it's some extremely cool vintage find. Paired with a Britney Spears circa 1999 inspired top & my always trusty Urban Outfitters ankle boots I was ready to head out for the day even if looking like I had taken outfit inspiration from a confused leprechaun.

 Clearly this picture was taken in the middle of some sort of weird Irish jig.....

 Top: Garage, Similar
Skirt: Thrift Store Find
Boots: Urban Outfitters, Similar


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