Kim Kardashian Inspired OOTD

Now let's get one will ever look as good as Kim Kardashian & trying to measure up to her is just an instantly failed attempt. Since I will never have her body (as much as I wish) I instead take inspiration from her recent favourite trend of a two piece outfit consisting of a crop top & a very form fitting pencil skirt. The woman is insanely beautiful but also, with the help of Kanye I'm assuming, has reinvented a staple piece which was only previously seen in business meetings & formal events. Through her style she has made pencil skirts not only okay for casual errands but also for high fashion events. Suddenly because of Kim K this piece has quickly become any wardrobe's most transitional item, and not to mention has given the crop top new life, no longer just for 15 year old girls! So therefore I had a little bit of a Kim K moment today, minus the booty & boobs & other signature curves, but nonetheless a girl can dream.


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