Roadtrip Weekend: NYC PART 1

This is a VERY exciting post for me to finally be putting up because I am more than excited to share with you my first ever trip to NYC & the most spontaneous trip of my life really. Why was this trip so very spontaneous you may ask??? Well it came up from the unfortunate realization that both my bf & I had booked off the wrong weekend for a festival that I had gotten tickets for in October........yes trust me I KNOW, how does that happen!?!? Luckily being the quick little thinkers we are we decided to not dwell on our stupidity & instead sell those pricey little pieces of paper for a glorious weekend road trip to the Big Apple. Lola the Corolla, our car duh, was more than ready for her first big road trip & fully stocked with the most amount of snacks we set off for a hefty 9hr drive & a whirlwind weekend in the concrete jungle*! 
*where dream are madeeeeee of, there's nothing you can't doooooooo, now you're in New Yorkkkkkkk
**hey don't lie, you know you were all singing that in your head too 

Yasssss, that is central park & I must say I was already dying of excitement by this point
I have to admit after about 10 hours in the car I was not feeling an outfit photoshoot but here's a little sneaky look @ my OOTD (sorry for the sass, apparently NYC got to me real quick)
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Urban Outfitters SOLD OUT, Similar
Dress: (so old I can't even remember sorry!!)
Pretending to be Blair Waldorf sitting on the steps of the MET...
Wish I could say this is where we stayed...sadly our room was instead an 8x10 shoebox but shhhh that's what happens in NYC on a budget
Went all the way to NYC & still ended up going to an Irish pub & eating chips & guac, some things will never change.
**Stay tuned for NYC part 2 coming next week**


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