Roadtrip Weekend: NYC PART 2

Bonjour, bonjour this is Part 2 of my extremely quick trip to NYC for the weekend! As we were only visiting for two days, it was imperative that we see as much as humanly possible so that is what we set out to do. Day one was a huge success as we saw everything from Central Park, to the MET, to Grand Central & Times Square, while also getting to explore the Upper East Side. By getting a lot of the *must-see* tourist attractions out of the way on the first day we were able to do a lot more exploring of the neighbourhoods on our second day, which is truly my favourite part of visiting new places. While strolling through the neighbourhoods & streets of brownstones I was dreaming of my life as Carrie Bradshaw & decidedly determining that at some point living that life in NYC needs to be in my playbook. But for now, I'll just continue to pretend to model on the steps of other people's homes :))

Pret for a quick breakfast is always a good idea, with my better half of course.
After a quick breaky we headed to the FIT, by my request of course, & was blown away by the Global Fashion Capitals exhibit 
A little Coco Chanel & Dior from the 50's never hurt anyone.
Hat: Urban Outfitters SOLD OUT, Similar Styles literally everywhere right now
Top: Urban Outfitters SOLD OUT, Similar
Skirt: H&M
Sandals: H&M, Similar
Bracelet: Forever 21
Bagels, as art...yes, I like.
The Arc de Triomphe!!! jk still in NYC...welcome to Washington Square Park
The most exciting meal of the trip for me was at Jack's Wife Freda, because every blogger ever goes there when they're in NYC, so it truly felt like a right of passage, a delicious one if I may say so.
Yes we got matching meals & yes they were friggin' amazing.
After the most lovely, & most fast-paced, weekend we headed back to go ol' Canada! Only had about 8hrs to go before we had some Timmies back in our tummies.


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