Roadtrippin' the Rockies

Nothing screams summer more than a good ol' fashioned road trip, even if this particular one wasn't that old fashioned as it was in a massive SUV blasting A/C...but anyways that's beside the point. The point is there was no way that I was going to Alberta without seeing the Rockies & the best way to see that is by driving through the Icefield Parkway as you not only get to experience Banff but also get to trek all the way to Jasper. We even made a cheeky overnight stop in Calgary, making Alberta pretty much conquered after this trip. This post is more of a little looksie into the most beautiful place I've ever seen in Canada than an outfit post but I think you'll like it all the same. Anyone coming to Canada should do this drive, it is honestly the most breathtaking experience & pictures will truly never do it justice. Roadtrippin' the Rockies is always a good idea!

Our first stop along the way was Canmore which is a quiet little town with massive views.
My uncle took us up to the mountain tops in Canmore to a little hidden gem called Spray Lakes.
This was either mid-hair flip or dancing between photo ops but lets pretend this was meant to happen.... 
Dungarees: American Eagle
T-Shirt: Forever 21 (very old but you could find something similar most places)
Banff is BEST
Pacini's in Calgary was delicious but tbh I was sold @ the unlimited bread bar...why is this not a thing everywhere?
First Grizzly sighting!!
Was lucky enough to meet up with one of my best friends in Jasper...which of course resulted in a just a few cheeky drinks
Dress: Garage SOLD OUT 
Similar Style: Striped T-Shirt Dress


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