Four Eyes & The Shaggy Sweater

Hey guys! Just a quick little post from me today but I'm loving dressing for fall, it actually isn't getting cold fast enough which is so strange coming from me. I usually only wear my glasses when it is VERY necessary for clear vision...aka driving & school. Clearly I don't see the need for vision in everyday activities. Also, my hair is finally getting long again!! Very undecided if I'm going to go back to my usual nearly waist length hair or keep it at a more manageable shoulder length...first world problems eh? Anyways, here I'm wearing my fav Urban Outfitters shaggy mock neck sweater that I literally stalked online last year until it went on sale & was finally mine. 
 Okay, okay... I'm going to go because this was just a very random rant about absolutely nothing significant, hope everyone had a great Wednesday!   

 Sweater: Urban Outfitters SOLD OUT, Similar
Skirt: Forever 21 SOLD OUT, Similar


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