Krissy's Camera Roll

This post takes another sneak peak into my iPhone camera roll over the past month or so! Not that much excitement has been happening in the picture department as I'm sure none of you want to see the library walls I've been surround by for hours at the time...but these photos consist of the few times I've escaped the overwhelming work that is university. That being said the camera on my phone is getting terrible & an iPhone upgrade is number one on my list after Christmas, so stayed tuned hopefully the quality will be improving soon! 

Yayyy for school spirit! While I may not know anything about sports, I do know that any excuse to celebrate with all my friends, and embrace my last moments of a school community is perfect for me.

This is my current background of my phone, because well it's Emma Watson & she's perfect. This picture proves she is even more perfect than usual & the girl crush is very real. 
This is me getting a little too excited about it being 14 in November.....

 Have a good rest of the week kiddos!


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