Layering Neutrals

Hey!! Sorry it's been a while since I last posted, school is slowly killing me but only two weeks left *blesssssss* These pictures were taken a few weeks back with the lovely SukeStyle, which I'm sure you can tell as bare legs & no coat is an absolute no go now. As you can probably tell by now I'm not really one for a lot of colour, it's almost like because my hair is red I feel like that just brings enough pop of colour to every outfit. That being said, always dressing monochrome is a bit boring for me so I tend to lean towards greens and browns & more earthy neutrals. I find the more layers, the better; like every layer adds a new element to the outfit. Whether it's a scarf, coat, shawl, or cardigan every layer draws the eye to something new, and creates a more full and interesting outfit. So really, if your intention is to just keep warm and bundled by tossing on tons of layers, you're actually creating an easy & creative wintery look.


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