What I Got For Christmas!

 Tis' the season for food, family, and obviously Christmas carols hence why Merrrrrrry Christmas everyoneeeeeeeeee has been playing over and over again in Shakin' Stevens voice in my mind for a month. Whether you celebrate Christmas, or any other holiday during this season for that matter, this is truly the best part of the year. I look forward to Christmas for the entire year so when December finally rolls around I literally cherish every, single little moment. That being said, I cherish every little moment of having absolutely nothing to do and no need to wear makeup or leave the house for days at a time so much that taking a lot of photos seems to slip my mind. So, because I love Christmas so much I decided I still need to do some sort of Christmas themed post so I decided I'll just show you some bits and bobs that I got for Christmas! Nothing crazy but more than I need, and all perfect for me. The best present of all was from my lovely boyfriend & it was this shiny new blog theme, which I am IN LOVE with and it finally looks the way I've always envisioned my little corner of the internet to be.  


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