Never Enough Forest Green

When I look through my blog posts there seems to be a bit of a trend...I seriously like forest green. Like sure it suits my skin tone & hair colour, but I think a girl needs to know when to switch it up a bit. It's not that I don't like other colours, like neutrals in general are my go to, but it just so happens I tend to want to buy pieces in forest green always. To be fair I got this Zara jumpsuit as a present from a friend as it was too big for her but I adored it, so technically it wasn't even my fault for buying more forest green!! Though I'm loving this outfit for a casual, everyday look or even a dinner, it's truly not a real representation of what I've been wearing lately. Winter in Canada crushes any love for fashion I have, between the bulky layers & salt stained shoes, it's the worst. Luckily, it has been a bit warmer this year (maybe not so lucky, ahem global warming) so maybe we've only got about two months left of these terrible temps. Anyways that's it from me today kids, hopefully as the temperature increases so will the frequency of my posts!


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