Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

About a week ago we received the most amout of snow in one day in 100 years.....YES ONE HUNDRED YEARS. Now I know climate change is upon us & extremely terrifying but over 50 centimetres in one day is literally making me question how we're not doing more about our environment. Like Leo has waited forever for an Oscar & even realized he should use his speech as a platform for a climate change wakeup call. That being said, Ottawa has not looked this beautiful in the winter in so long & there seriously is something magical about a massive snowfall. The next day we decided to go for a walk to absorb some of the winter wonderland atmosphere & we decided to snap some quick pictures. This is also a sneak peak into my usual everyday look in the winter which consists of turtlenecks, black jeans & my wellies (as a way to avoid the clunky winter boots that is). Boring of course, but functional & warm which is pretty much the only way one can survive a Canadian winter... 


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