Meandering in Montreal

There's nothing I love more than presents that give you something to look forward to, or even better, a chance to take a little trip. That's exactly what happened at Christmas when my dad got Dave & I hockey tickets for a game in Montreal. Soooo a few weeks ago game day finally rolled around and we opted for a weekend getaway to make the most of our gift. Montreal has always been a drive through city for me, somewhere I just breeze through on my way to another destination, but we thought it was about time we actually give it the exploration it deserves as Quebec's largest city. We decided to book an airbnb & ended up getting the cutest little modern condo, ten minutes outside the city & 13 floors up with the perfect view of the city. With no solid plans for the weekend we decided that wandering was going to be our best bet, and even though it happened to be an extremely freezing weekend (xoxo thx Canada) we bundled up & basically spent the weekend walking the beautiful city. Although the game was AMAZING the highlight of my trip was Old Montreal. I don't know why but I didn't really have that high of hopes for the city, but as soon as we entered the area of Old Montreal I was absolutely in loveeeeee. Although I've never been to Paris, that's the only thing I can compare it to. When I think of Paris I think of beautiful old buildings, cobblestone streets, and quaint little cafes that serve croissants & lattes, and that is exactly what Old Montreal had to offer. It also had a air about it that made me imagine it ages ago, and think of the elegance and romance that would have lived in those very buildings. So I thought I'd share some pictures on here so you can see a little bit of what I saw & hopefully feel the need to meander in Montreal yourself sometime very soon. 


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