Back to Black

 These are some of my first pictures after winter/school/heartbreak hibernation and I know it might not come as a surprise to you but I AM VERY PALE. Like I know I'm usually pale but this is scary, blinding levels people. I think that fact that I'm wearing an all black outfit is really accentuating the paleness but I really wanted to shoot this outfit because it's so simple but really, really versatile! In my heartbreak shopping spree I finally invested in this Zara leather jacket (which I'm sure you'll be seeing in most posts now since it's my baby) and I'm so happy. Black leather jackets are such a staple piece to have in any wardrobe, and after debating this Urban jacket for way, way too long, I decided to be safe & invest in a more simple, classic motorcycle style. I paired it with this Urban ribbed tank dress, that has a sheer overlay that creates a midi length and a pair of Urban obviously chunky heeled sandals, which I cannot find on the website as I bought them for $9.99 & they are the comfiest things in the world. Like walking on a cloud that just so happens to make you about 3 inches taller kinda comfy that is. I'm also wearing these dark green sunnies from Urban, that are my perfect shape & the colour is a good way to add a pop of colour that I am so desperately lacking most of the time. Anyways, that's all from me! 
*ps...ignore the weird orbs in my last few pictures (SPOOKY)...or something was just on my lens oops!*


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