Krissy's Camera Roll

It's time for another sneak peak into my camera roll! I graduated from uni at the beginning of the summer and it already feels like so much has happened since then! This summer has been all about putting my life back together so it's been so incredible to be back home with my friends, family, and of course my puppy. I've also been working a lot all summer so it's been really interesting dressing everyday for an office again, and then breaking out my more casual & fun clothes on the weekends. I also got a new phone (finally...) so I've actually been able to be snapping more pictures on a daily basis. Right now all that's on my mind is how excited for fall I am though; ankle boots, camel coats & sweaters ahhh I can't wait! Hopefully I'll have an outfit post coming this way soon but until then here's some summer snaps!


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